Put Down Tinder and Smell the Roses: Here’s The Truth

The Occupy movement not only swept the nation but it crossed oceans and made its way to other countries and continents. People all over the world were Occupying everything – which was the original goal, was it not? Along with cries to “Occupy everything” there were cries of “We are the 99%!” And what is […]

5 Wild Stories from the Occupy Movement

The Occupy movement has become one of the most legendary socio-political movements in the recent past. Since the movement was so widespread a lot of people have their own stories and anecdotal experiences to share. Some people were in the movement, others were onlookers, and some were cops! But everyone has a story. Some of […]

History of Occupy: Everything You Need to Know

For those of you who were not in college or high school during the occupy movement, you may not remember much about the protest apart from the name itself. For me, I’ll never forget the reports coming out of Davis about an officer spraying students who were non-violently protesting in the face with mace. While […]

Top Must-Know Facts About the UC Davis Pepper Spray Incident

If you’ve heard one thing about the Occupy movement, then it probably was about the UC Davis incident. This incident caused a discussion that spread across the country, far beyond the little northern California college town in which it happened. But with news sometimes the details get a little fuzzy, especially when conjecture is getting […]

5 Core Goals of the Occupy Movement

The Occupy movement and the verbiage around it have become more recognizable as a collection of buzzwords and not actual goals. Apart from what you’ve learned from the news coverage you’ve seen in the past, what do you know about the goals of the Occupy movement? A lot of people have characterized those involved with […]

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