The Occupy movement and the verbiage around it have become more recognizable as a collection of buzzwords and not actual goals. Apart from what you’ve learned from the news coverage you’ve seen in the past, what do you know about the goals of the Occupy movement?

A lot of people have characterized those involved with Occupy as communists or anti-socialist or anti-business. But that’s not the case at all. Here is what you need to know about the goals of the Occupy movement:

Taking money out of politcs

Politics are and have always been heavily influenced by lobbyists and money. Political campaigns themselves are a multi-billion dollar industry dominated by super PACs. One of the main viewpoints of those involved with the occupy movement is that there can be no true democracy if money can influence government officials’ decisions and legislation.

Occupy wants to see money leave the government. They want money to be able to influence officials less so that true democracy can be realized in their country.

Income equality

You may be familiar with the terms the 1% and the 99% in reference to billionaires and basically everyone else.

Since Occupy is pushing for socio-economic equality, they want to see the pay gap between the super-rich and everyone else be closed. They believe that there is no ethical way to make billions and that the people who are rolling in cash don’t deserve to be.

They want to see people paid fairly and billionaires look at themselves and see if they’re making their money ethically.

Robin hood tax

One of the biggest things that the Occupy movement pushed for is a sort of Robin Hood Tax. This tax would take more money from the rich (as they can afford to be taxed at a higher rate than those who make less money) to fund public services. This would also mean that there could be tax cuts for the regular people; there could even be tax brackets that aren’t required to pay any taxes at all under this legislation.

They believe it’s the 1% moral duty to accept higher tax rates because they have money to burn. And instead of buying another yatch, that money should go to the public.

Stricter tax evasion laws

Billionaires and Millionaires, as well as companies, are masters at evading taxes. There are people out there who make millions who don’t pay any taxes because they’re masters of the tax code. Occupy wants to see these loopholes closed that benefit the super-rich and not the average man. They want to see more super-rich people paying the taxes that they are supposed to take instead of writing off donations and bullshitting their way to a zero dollar tax bill.

Less tax breaks for the rich and more for the middle class

When it comes to tax breaks, it’s hard for the little man to catch one. Unless you can afford a half decent accountant, you’re probably not going to be able to get as high as a tax return as you deserve.

Occupy wants to see the lower income man and the middle-class man paying less in taxes and big companies paying more.